Military members, spouses and veterans tackle transition in Viasat workshop

They come from different branches of the military and varied backgrounds, but many of them face a similar challenge: transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce. For Viasat, veterans are an important and significant part of the workforce, which is why the company hosts transition workshops aimed at smoothing that road. “Viasat is committed to supporting the military community,” said Nancy Kleefisch, social impact leader for the company’s military programs. “One of the reasons the workshop is so successful [...]

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Viasat military veterans champion transition workshop

Call it a personal rebrand story, or call it a life-altering change. One thing is clear: Moving from military life to the civilian workforce presents numerous changes and challenges for veterans, reservists, active duty personnel and their spouses. It’s one reason Viasat is hosting its fifth Veterans Transition Workshop from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST on December 7, 2017. The goal of the workshop: provide veterans and their spouses with the skills, insights and tools necessary to find a [...]

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Veterans in rural areas get connected to VA Services with new Tele Mental Health Service

A new trend in health care is to shift away from volume of services delivered toward a focus on medical value. Harvard Business School Professor Michael E. Porter is one of the originators of the medical value concept, which states that if value improves, patients, payers, providers, and suppliers can all benefit while the economic sustainability of the health care system increases. One way to increase health care value is through a melding of medical care and technology, and Viasat innovation is helping [...]

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