Viasat’s Secure Network Systems a leader in cybersecurity

Viasat is pushing to improve security beyond encryption alone

Viasat isn’t just a communications company. We’re also in the business of protecting information, systems and networks that transport, store and process that information. Since the mid-1990s, Viasat has implemented novel solutions and developed products to secure information for our customers, starting with the U.S. government and expanding to international and commercial customers. In fact, our Secure Network Systems (SNS) business area has become a linchpin across a majority of business areas that make up Viasat.

The SNS business focuses on multiple areas, but they all come back to helping our customers protect their data, systems and networks. SNS pioneered several advances in developing cryptographic products, especially those focused on U.S. government data that would transverse the internet. We were the first to develop cryptographic engines built on FPGAs (programmable logic). These embeddable engines power a variety of products, from tactical data link radios to devices for customers like Boeing.

It’s taken only about 15 years for us to grow from a newcomer in this market to a market leader in government inline network encryptors. Our product line is the broadest in the market, covering all network speed and throughput ranges, from low-end to high-end.

But cryptographic products are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to protecting our users’ data, systems and networks. Encryption is necessary, but not sufficient. That’s why Viasat is now focusing on building our cybersecurity expertise to go further than encryption can achieve alone. That expertise includes skills like hardening and monitoring networks — i.e., working to minimize threats to our networks to one day provide those same services to others for their networks.

As we read about damaging hacks occurring almost every day, it’s clear this is an area of critical importance for business and government across the globe.


Don Wilcoxson
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Don Wilcoxson is the Director of Corporate Product Management Initiatives at Viasat and has held a number of key technical and leadership roles in over 16 years with the company. As the evangelist for “product” within Viasat, Don’s goal is to harness our passion for solving the toughest technical problems and providing innovative solutions to our customers around the world.