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Space – Satellites

Learn more about Viasat’s growing fleet of powerful spacecraft

With four satellites in orbit today and the three-satellite constellation of ViaSat-3 just around the corner, space and space systems are a major focus for Viasat. Learn how this fascinating side to our business drives the technology to connect the world.

Engineer Ryan Milbourne already looking ahead to work on ViaSat-3 satellite

Name: Ryan Milbourne Area of Expertise: Software Engineer: satellite applications for spacecraft and ground infrastructure Words to live by: Be prepared. What’s the most exciting thing you’ve been working on in the past year? ViaSat-2, of course! If you’ll forgive the pun, it’s been a blast working with so many talented engineers to pull the network together. What do you love about working at Viasat? I learn something and am challenged every day.  I’m fortunate that I get to [...]

Feb 28, 2018|

First data sent over new ViaSat-2 satellite

Not long ago, the notion that a single broadband satellite could do the work of a hundred or more of its predecessors was far-fetched. When we launched ViaSat-1 in 2011, we changed the industry’s thinking on that in a big way. This past weekend, we made a big step toward showing that our new satellite, ViaSat-2, is ready to disrupt the industry once again. Launched June 1, Viasat-2 has now arrived in its geostationary orbit, moved into its earth-facing [...]

Dec 8, 2017|
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