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Space – Satellites

Learn more about Viasat’s growing fleet of powerful spacecraft

With four satellites in orbit today and the three-satellite constellation of ViaSat-3 just around the corner, space and space systems are a major focus for Viasat. Learn how this fascinating side to our business drives the technology to connect the world.

Engineer Ryan Milbourne already looking ahead to work on ViaSat-3 satellite

Name: Ryan Milbourne Area of Expertise: Software Engineer: satellite applications for spacecraft and ground infrastructure Words to live by: Be prepared. What’s the most exciting thing you’ve been working on in the past year? ViaSat-2, of course! If you’ll forgive the pun, it’s been a blast working with so many talented engineers to pull the network together. What do you love about working at Viasat? I learn something and am challenged every day.  I’m fortunate that I get to [...]

Feb 28, 2018|

First data sent over new ViaSat-2 satellite

Not long ago, the notion that a single broadband satellite could do the work of a hundred or more of its predecessors was far-fetched. When we launched ViaSat-1 in 2011, we changed the industry’s thinking on that in a big way. This past weekend, we made a big step toward showing that our new satellite, ViaSat-2, is ready to disrupt the industry once again. Launched June 1, Viasat-2 has now arrived in its geostationary orbit, moved into its earth-facing [...]

Dec 8, 2017|

Satellite internet latency: What’s the big deal?

One thing a lot of people ask about with Viasat satellite internet service is something called “latency.” If you’ve researched what satellite internet service is like, you may have run across this term and wondered what it’s all about. Latency is sometimes identified as one of satellite internet’s biggest drawbacks, so what’s the deal here? Here’s the super-condensed story: Unless you’re doing some types of online gaming or using “VPN” work-from-home software, satellite latency is not a big deal for [...]

Sep 6, 2017|
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