Focus on Mississippi, a state of deep history, rolling hills and broadband opportunity

Viasat brings high-speed satellite internet to even the hardest-to-reach places in Mississippi

Many Mississippians are on the wrong side of the digital divide, but with access to more spectrum, Viasat can bring service to rural communities in Mississippi and Americans nationwide.

With its rolling hills, storied history, Southern charm and laid-back way of life, Mississippi has a lot to offer its residents. But when it comes to high-speed internet connectivity, the Magnolia State is a land of opportunity.

People living in rural Mississippi communities are part of the digital divide, a gap that leaves them without the same educational, health care and socioeconomic opportunities as those who live just miles away in cities. In Mississippi alone, about 892,000 of its nearly 3 million residents lack access to fast, high-quality internet — meaning one third of the state faces digital disadvantages.

Tucked in the northeast corner of Mississippi at the foothills of the Appalachians, Tishomingo County is rich in beauty. But fewer than 55 percent of people living there have access to broadband and the benefits it can bring. Families struggle to remain connected, students fall behind in school and advances in telemedicine cannot be utilized, leaving these Mississippians on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Satellite internet can make a difference. Viasat is bringing high-speed satellite internet anywhere – including the hardest-to-reach places in Mississippi. We are working with government state officials and international regulatory bodies to preserve satellite’s access to more spectrum and put spectrum-sharing policies and frameworks in place—so Viasat and others can connect more Americans in Mississippi and nationwide.

Watch this video to see how Viasat is bringing service to rural communities in Mississippi.

Carley Brennan
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Carley Brennan manages the corporate advocacy program – faces of the digital inclusion – at Viasat. Over the next few years, she is traveling across the world to tell the stories of those isolated by the digital divide while highlighting the power of satellite to connect the unconnected.