Engineer in Chennai, India office finds balance and career fulfillment at Viasat

Lalitha Krishna Iyer balances career, home life and multiple hobbies

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Lalitha Krishna Iyer’s life could scarcely be fuller. She’s a full-time engineer in Viasat’s India office, a wife, mother, classical singer, violinist and cook who practices yoga and is learning to swim.

“Striking the balance between work and life is of utmost importance, and it’s a bit challenging,” said Iyer, 33. “I still cook, I take care of my son and my home, and I also work. I don’t want to compromise on any of this.”

The trust that the organization holds for each and every employee is really amazing. People with diverse thought processes are truly respected within the organization.

That drive to have it all has been a constant in her life, one that started in childhood and that her parents supported. Though Iyer lives in a country reputed for its conservative treatment of women, her parents bucked any such cultural norms. The South India native describes her family as forward thinking.

“My dad is one of the most fantastic engineers I’ve ever seen in my life,” she said. “He is the person who inspired me to pick up challenges, to learn things, to explore what you do not know currently.”

Her mother suffered health issues throughout her childhood, but Iyer said, “In spite of all the challenges, they did not restrict me. They supported all my dreams and ambitions.”

Iyer initially was drawn to study astronomy and physics, but her father’s passion for engineering eventually led her to follow a similar path. She earned a graduate degree in embedded systems engineering, then married a man she describes as an excellent friend who understands and supports her career.

Iyer took a break from her career to spend time with their now 5-year-old son. As those two years drew to a close, she began researching potential workplaces.

“Accidentally, I came across Viasat; I grew very much inspired reading about the work culture within the company and the way the employees are cared for,” said Iyer, who joined the company in late 2017. “I soon realized that whatever I read was true to my experience. The trust that the organization holds for each and every employee is really amazing. People with diverse thought processes are truly respected within the organization.”

Iyer, who’s part of a team focused on the ViaSat-2 satellite ground system, said Viasat’s corporate philosophy dovetails with the values her parents instilled in her.

“As I understand things, there are opportunities everywhere; it is our responsibility to take pains to reach them,” she said. “There are no limits to what you can do here. Rather than being told what to do and how to do it, you’re invited to ask a lot of questions and maybe improve something that is already here. You’re respected and very much appreciated, and that inspires you to do more. That is remarkable.”


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