Q&A: Finnair ups its in-flight connectivity game with Viasat service

With Viasat service recently launched on Finnair aircraft within Europe, we took a few moments to ask Harri Valkama what this meant for the airline. Valkama is the manager of in-flight e-commerce at Finnair. What drove the decision to install and enable Wi-Fi on Finnair narrow-body aircraft for flights within Europe? We have had Wi-Fi onboard our long-haul flights for a while now so it was only natural that we provide it on our European flights as well. Customers are [...]

Jul 19, 2018|

Dynamic designer part of Switzerland team developing next-gen antenna

Antenna engineer Maria Carolina Vigano has a Ph.D. in antenna arrays, a black belt in karate — and some killer heels. During a recent visit to Viasat Denver, the blue Italian stilettos were the only obvious nod to fashion in Vigano’s otherwise understated outfit. The attire is an indicator of the way Vigano leads her life. She’s passionate about the technology she’s developed and focused on how its performance can best advance satellite communications. Being a woman in the male-dominated [...]

May 9, 2018|
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