Reaching the billions of people around the world who are still unconnected requires that satellite broadband is part of the mix. Satellite communication requires smart regulatory decisions that secure the spectrum needed and recognize the critical role satellite will play in bridging the digital divide.

Preservation of satellite spectrum is critical to global national security

The world looks to the United States for leadership in space-based communications. Ever since we landed men on the moon while an enthralled country watched live, the U.S. space industry has invested heavily in innovation and delivered reliable, critical, community-lifting results — thanks to the certainty of a portion of radio spectrum available for satellite broadband connectivity. But the continued security, reliability and unique scalability of satellite broadband require the continued protection of the spectrum used today for that [...]

Nov 14, 2018|

Satellite: solving our nation’s important communications challenges

The satellite industry has always been about helping overcome important communications challenges. When we needed more video competition to cable, direct broadcast satellite (DBS) helped bring it, creating a $100 billion industry. GPS literally helps us find our way as a nation. And satellite voice and broadband service enable global communications, helping us protect our vital national security interests. But now we have a new set of challenges: How do we connect the 39 percent of rural Americans who [...]

Nov 9, 2017|
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